About Wei Lun Hall

Wei Lun Hall is one of the residential halls of and is directly administered by the University of Hong Kong.

  • Established in 1994
  • Residential accommodation for 381 students
  • 125 double rooms and 131 single rooms
  • Local : Non-Local ratio    1:1
  • Renovated in 2010
  • Motto: We Begin With People
  • Warden: Dr. Christian Chan
  • 2019-2020 Hall fee: $15,390 (285 residential day, $54/day for UG and $64/day for PG)
    • 1st semester: $7,182
    • 2nd semester: $8,208

Residential floors

Males: 6f, 7f, 8f, 12f, 13f, 14f

Females: 3f, 4f, 5f, 9f, 10f, 11f

Sports teams



Wei Lun Hall encourages diversity.

Subcommitees are formed to develop hallmates' identity, as well as contributing to the society.

Multimedia Subcommittee
To promote Wei Lun Hall

  • Major functions:
    • Take photos in hall funcitons and interhall competitions
    • Produce videos in X-camps/O-camps

Hall Functions

Wei Lun Festival

Celebrating the establishment of Wei Lun Hall

Singing Contest

Show your singing talent!

High Table Dinner

High Table Dinner is a proud tradition at HKU

Joint-floor Functions

Mini functions between floors

Round the Island

Exploring HK Island in a different way, the cycling trip is remarkable

Wei Lun Live

Annual live band show by hallmates


Hall Life




Common Areas

Music room *

With full set of music equipments


Laundry area is located on 15f

Drying machines are provided

Barbecue Area *

Users need to clean it up after use

Gym room *

A small gym room is located on 15f

Multimedia room

* All Wei Lun Hall members can book the facilities anytime

Nearby Facilities

Flora Ho Sports Centre

A 15 minute walk

or a 5 minute bus ride

Stanley Ho Sports Centre

A 10 minute walk

or a 5 minute taxi ride

Medical Library

A good place for doing revision

Available to all HKU students

Bayview Restaurant

Serving all 3 halls in Sassoon Road

Queen Mary Hospital Canteen

HKU students can enjoy discounts showing the University Card


A 20 minute walk

or a 5 minute taxi ride




4 | 4X | 7 | 30X | 37A | 37B | 37X | 40 | 40M | 40P | 71 | 71P | 90B | 91 | 93C | 94 | 970 | 970X | 973 973P | A10


 8 | 10 | 22s | 23 | 31 | 31X | 54 | 55


The best way to sports centres or Kennedy Town in a group of 5


Need to take bus/minibus to HKU Station

Registration Day

8-9 August 2019



Check out our Promotion video

Nine People You'll Meet in Wei Lun.

Registration day information


Zone 0, Zone 1

Zone 0
HKU & HKUSU (The Hong Kong University Students' Union) Registration
Loke Yew Hall, Main Building ~ 1.5 hours

Zone 1
Faculty & Academic Societies Registration
Faculty designated places | ~ 2 hours


Zone 2

Zone 2
Sports Association / Cultural Association / Independent Clubs Association Registration

Foyer, Composite Building ~ 2 hours

You can join any assoiciation that you like!


Zone 3

Zone 3
Hall Registration

Run Run Shaw Podium ~ 1 - 4 hours

Hall education is a part of the tradition of HKU. Halls in HKU is not just a provision of accommodation but also a place to achieve whole person education.

Don't forget to apply our X-Camp to experience Wei Lun's life!

Sweet Reminders

  • Admission Letter
  • Identity Card with a hardcopy
  • Money ($2000 ~ $2500) for various memberships, camp fees, etc.
  • Passport-size photos x 5 ~ 7
  • Pen and notebook
  • Umbrella (both for raining and shining)
  • Water and some snacks (in case the canteens will be so crowded)

To-Bring List

  • Memorise your UID right after Zone 0 which benefit you to apply all other events.
  • Please get all the Zone chops at the end of each zone, otherwise you cant go hall tour!
  • Don’t let your tummy empty so please have some food before coming.
  • Do more researches about sub-organizations under HKUSU first to find your interested clubs and associations.
  • Be aware of the clashed schedule between different orientation activities you applied. Make your first schedule in HKU perfect!
  • Check the refund policies listed in the notice carefully. And remember to keep all the receipts which might help when doing refund.

Contact Information


Tel: 2986 5300

Email: weilun@hku.hk

Address: Wei Lun Hall, 6D, Sassoon Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong

Fax: 2872 4767