About Wei Lun Hall

Wei Lun Hall is one of the residential halls of and is directly administered by the University of Hong Kong.

  • Established in 1994
  • Residential accommodation for 381 students
  • 125 double rooms and 131 single rooms
  • Local : Non-Local ratio    2:1
  • Renovated in 2010
  • Motto: We Begin With People
  • Warden: Dr. K.C. Cheung
  • 2016-2017 Hall fee: $13160 (280 residential day, $47/day)
    • 1st semester: $6204
    • 2nd semester: $6956

Residential floors

Males: 6f, 7f, 8f, 12f, 13f, 14f

Females: 3f, 4f, 5f, 9f, 10f, 11f


Sports teams

Athletics Team
Aquatics Team
Softball Team
Hockey Team
Lacrosse Team
Soccer Team
Basketball Team
Handball Team
Volleyball Team
Tennis Team
Badminton Team
Table Tennis Team
Squash Team

Cultural Teams

Dance Team
Drama Team
Debate Team
Choir Team
Music Club
Bridge Team


Wei Lun Hall encourages diversity.

Subcommitees are formed to develop hallmates' identity, as well as contributing to the society.

Social Responsibility Subcommitee
To raise social awareness towards the community

  • Major functions:
    • Service Trips
    • Social volunteer work
Multimedia Subcommittee
To promote Wei Lun Hall

  • Major functions:
    • Take photos in hall funcitons and interhall competitions
    • Produce videos in X-camps/O-camps
Celebration Subcommittee
To organize celebration functions on festivals

  • Major functions:
    • Celebrate festivals
    • Board declaration

Hall Functions

Wei Lun Festival

Celebrating the establishment of Wei Lun Hall

Singing Contest

Show your singing talent!

High Table Dinner

High Table Dinner is a proud tradition at HKU

Joint-floor Functions

Mini functions between floors

Round the Island

Exploring HK Island in a different way, the cycling trip is remarkable

Wei Lun Live

Annual live band show by hallmates


Hall Life

Hall Photo



Common Areas

Music room *

With full set of music equipments


Laundry area is located on 15f

Drying machines are provided

Barbecue Area *

Users need to clean it up after use

Gym room *

A small gym room is located on 15f

Multimedia room

* All Wei Lun Hall members can book the facilities anytime

Nearby Facilities

Flora Ho Sports Centre

A 15 minute walk

or a 5 minute bus ride

Stanley Ho Sports Centre

A 10 minute walk

or a 5 minute taxi ride

Medical Library

A good place for doing revision

Available to all HKU students

Bayview Restaurant

Serving all 3 halls in Sassoon Road

Queen Mary Hospital Canteen

HKU students can enjoy discounts showing the University Card


A 20 minute walk

or a 5 minute taxi ride




4 | 4X | 7 | 30X | 37A | 37B | 37X 40 | 40M | 40P | 71 | 71P | 90B 91 | 93C | 94 | 970 | 970X | 973 973P | A10


 8 | 10 | 22s | 23 | 31 | 31X | 54 55


The best way to sports centres or Kennedy Town in a group of 5


Need to take bus/minibus to HKU Station

Registration Day

11-12 August 2016


Camp 1: 13-14 August 2016

Camp 2: 14-15 August 2016

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Registration day information

Reg day
Zone 0 , Zone 1

Zone 0, Zone 1

Zone 0
HKU & HKUSU (The Hong Kong University Students' Union) Registration
Loke Yew Hall, Main Building ~ 1.5 hours

Zone 1
Faculty & Academic Societies Registration
Faculty designated places | ~ 2 hours


Zone 2

Zone 2
Sports Association / Cultural Association / Independent Clubs Association Registration

Foyer, Composite Building ~ 2 hours

You can join any assoiciation that you like!

Reg day
Zone 2

Reg day
Zone 3

Zone 3

Zone 3
Hall Registration

Run Run Shaw Podium ~ 1 - 4 hours

Hall education is a part of the tradition of HKU. Halls in HKU is not just a provision of accommodation but also a place to achieve whole person education.

Don't forget to apply our X-Camp to experience Wei Lun's life!

Sweet Reminders

  • Admission Letter
  • ID Card with a hardcopy
  • 5~7 passport size photos
  • Pen
  • Notebook
  • Umbrella
  • Water and snacks
  • Money (Around $2000-$2500 for enrollment of different societies and camps)

To-Bring List

  • Memorise your UID can facilitate your applying process
  • All Zone chops (which will be give at the end of each zone) are required before hall tours
  • The whole registering process could be long so remember to have some food before you come
  • Take a look of different sub-organizations under HKUSU via their pages or websites to find your interested clubs and associations
  • Orientation period of different organizations may clash. Check the schedule carefully before your enrollments
  • Be aware of the refund policies listed in the notice. Remember to keep all receipts, which are probably useful for refunding

Contact Information


Tel: 2986 5300

Email: weilunsa@hku.hk

Address: Wei Lun Hall, 6D, Sassoon Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong

Fax: 2872 4767